Service is an essential component to academic life. Not only do service activities contribute to the success of the university, but also promote community, camaraderie, and university pride. I serve on departmental and college level committees. I enjoy collaboration; so naturally, my contributions to each tend to be substantial. I am happy to volunteer to do work that utilizes my technical knowledge, research, and writing skills. I am particularly proud to have contributed to the following.

Collab Lab

I am the founding director of the Collab Lab, an innovation space on the BGSU campus. The lab is for students, faculty, staff and community members to engage in collaborative work. Its goal is to support teams working together to develop new ideas for teaching innovation and venture development that leverage the unique talents inherent to the university community.

Common Experience

As a member of the BGSU Common Experience Committee, I help organize and promote events centered around one book each semester. These events promote academic discourse and critical thinking and integrate an academic and social experience into the campus community.

Curs Advisory Council

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) promotes undergraduates engaging in meaningful research and creative activities in all fields of study. Through experiencing the processes of scholarly discovery and dissemination of their results, students become fully engaged members of our learning community.

Honors College Council

The Honors College is a place for highly motivated and engaged students to thrive. It creates a supportive environment for academic and personal growth, and to prepare students for graduation and for lifelong learning and success.

About the Collab Lab