Experiential Learning Technology

EASEL (Education through Application-Supported Experiential Learning) is a mobile platform that allows instructors to deliver reflection prompts and content before, during, and/or after a learning experience. It puts direct contact between the student and instructor at the core of the learning environment. The EASEL platform leverages the inherent functionality of mobile devices such as GPS and persistent network connectivity to adapt the learning environment based on location or time. Reflection prompts are triggered based on time or location. EASEL facilitates multiple input modalities such as text, voice recording, photography and video – offering students convenient choices to record their reflections.

Reflection and content prompts can target specific milestones throughout a learning activity by being triggered via GPS location of the device, the time of day, or a combination of the two. As students receive a notification, they swipe to open a page within EASEL that pertains to that specific prompt. The interface is adaptive based on the location of the student and time of the field experience. This allows instructors to anticipate reflection opportunities and direct student feedback.

For example, an online instructor may require a student to conduct an interview with an industry professional. The student could schedule the event in his/her calendar and receive a reminder before the event. At the location of the interview, reminders or media to review can be posted before the interview takes place. Prompts can also be given post interview, allowing students to immediately reflect on the experience. Answers can be presented in text, audio or video format. The instructor can then evaluate the question responses.

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