Learner Experience Design

Learner Experience Design leverages techniques, mindsets, and approaches from the field of User Experience to help educators create innovative and effective learning opportunities. It combines user-centered instructional design with educational theory and psychology. 

Technology Education

I develop and evaluate new approaches to STEM education, particularly to promote computational thinking to increase interest in STEM careers. This paper details student perceptions of a summer camp that combined art and robotics.

Sign Language Synthesis

I collaborate with an international team to develop software that translates spoken English into animations of American Sign Language (ASL), the language of the Deaf in North America. This paper details some of our work.

Experiential learning technology

EASEL (Education through Application-Supported Experiential Learning) is a mobile application that facilitates real-time reflection during experiential learning. It allows an instructor to deliver reflection prompts based on either time of day, location, or elapsed time of an event. 

Augmented online testing

Point Barter is an online testing system that allows students to trade test points for hints that lead to the correct answer. Rather than answering incorrectly, students can use the hints to not only earn higher scores, but learn in the process.

Multimodal INterfaces

Sing N Sketch is a touch screen app that allows an artist to combine simultaneous singing and drawing. The pitch and volume of the voice input modifies properties of a virtual paint brush such as color, size, and pressure.  This abstract describes this project.