Jerry Schnepp





About me

As a technologist, designer, and creative problem-solver, I'm passionate about teaching people to embrace new technology and explore. I am the Department Chair and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Judson University. Prior to my appointment, I served as Associate Professor of Visual Communication Technology in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). I teach courses in Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Design Patterns, Interactive Media, Usability, User Experience, and Augmented/Virtual Reality. I was the founding director of the Collab Lab, a hands-on, creative space for students and faculty to engage in collaborative work.

My research efforts are directed in several areas: STEM Education, Learner Experience Design, Technology for Online Assessment, Interactive Mobile Learning, Innovative Interfaces, and Computerized Sign Language Synthesis. I enjoy collaborating on projects involving cutting-edge technology and new applications. When I'm not working with students, building applications, presenting at conferences or writing research papers, I can be found playing acoustic guitar and singing at The Stone’s Throw in Bowling Green, OH.

BGSU Fall 2019 User Experience Class

For ACCA attendees, click here to download the paper on Learner Experience Design.