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Jerry Schnepp

Jerry is an Assistant Professor in the College of Technology at Bowling Green State University. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from DePaul University. His research and teaching focuses on Computer Graphics, Animation, and Interactive Media. In addition to teaching courses and conducting research, Jerry maintains a position at Convergence Communications and plays guitar in the heavy instrumental band, OmegaWatt

Jerry's research centers around the ASL Synthesizer Project, an effort to develop a digital English-to-American Sign Language (ASL) translator. Given a speech input, the system produces animations of ASL through an on-screen avatar. Jerry's work focuses on the integration of facial animation and usability testing.

  • Courses taught at BGSU:
    • VCT 2660         Introduction to Interactive Media
    • VCT 3660         Applied Interactive Media Production
    • VCT 4600         Digital Photography
    • VCT 4820         Advanced Concepts of Multimedia Production
    • VCT 4900         Independent Study in Visual Communication Technology
    • LRND 6850      Directed Readings in Learning Design
  • Courses taught at DePaul:
    • GPH  211          Perceptual Principles for Digital Environments I
    • GPH  212          Perceptual Principles for Digital Environments II
    • GPH  321          Computer Graphics Development I
    • GPH  325          Survey of Computer Graphics
    • GPH  329          Computer Graphics Development II
    • GPH  338          Survey of 3-D Animation
    • GPH  425          Survey of Computer Graphics
    • GPH  438          Computer Animation Survey
    • GPH  448          Computer Graphics Scripting
    • GPH  465          Survey of Visualization Applications
    • GPH  580          Real-Time Graphics Techniques
    • HCI    201          Multimedia and the World Wide Web
    • IT       231         Web Development I
    • IM      270         User-Centered Web Design
    • DC     125         Digital Photography

Jerry Schnepp,
Sep 2, 2017, 7:14 AM